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With over 35 years of expertise, TPS is a locally owned company serving Queen Creek, AZ and surrounding areas such as Chandler, Gilbert, and Mesa. Our team of certified arborists and landscaping specialists are dedicated to bringing the best tree care and regionally suitable landscaping services to your residential or commercial property. Whether you require assistance with erosion control or simply want a beautifully landscaped yard, contact us today via call or text.



Welcome to our list of comprehensive services for Queen Creek, AZ and surrounding areas such as Chandler, Gilbert, and Mesa.. Our team offers a range of services designed to keep your property looking its best, including tree care, landscaping, and hardscaping solutions. Whether you need tree pruning, treatments, or nutrient prescriptions, or you’re looking for pavers, patios, firepits, or drainage systems, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

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Local Tree Care company serving New Prague, MN

Tree Protection Services is a trusted local tree care company that serves Queen Creek, AZ and surrounding areas such as Chandler, Gilbert, and Mesa. Our team of ISA-certified arborists are dedicated to providing your trees with the best possible care. Whether it’s diagnosing and treating diseases, pruning branches, or removing trees, we’ve got you covered. Our team will work with you to ensure that your trees receive the proper attention and treatment they need to thrive. 

Types of Tree Care:

Let our Landscaping Experts Design A Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

Transform your Queen Creek, Chandler, Gilbert, or Mesa, AZ property with Tree Protection Services. With 36+ years of experience and Smartscape certification, our team of experts offers expert landscaping, design, installation, and maintenance services. From outdoor kitchens and fire pit installation to landscape paver installation and more, we’ll bring your vision to life. We use only the best regionally appropriate plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, cacti and zeriscaping to enhance the look and appeal of your property.

Turn your exterior space into a beautiful outdoor living space with our personalized approach. Contact us today for a free quote at (612) 598-5942. With 36+ years of experience and Smartscape certification, you can trust Tree Protection Services to elevate your property’s appearance.

Landscaping Services:

Hardscaping Services in Queen Creek, AZ

Crafting Enduring Elegance in Queen Creek, AZ, and Beyond. Elevate your outdoor space with our expert hardscaping services. From intricate paver pathways to majestic stone patios, our skilled artisans transform your vision into reality. Serving Queen Creek, Chandler, Gilbert, and Mesa, we ensure precision, durability, and beauty in every project. Connect with us for your hardscaping needs and watch your landscape transform into a masterpiece of form and function.

Hardscaping Services:

Premier Outdoor Drainage Solutions for Your Landscape

Ensuring Dry and Beautiful Outdoor Spaces in Queen Creek, AZ. Master your landscape’s water flow with our professional outdoor drainage solutions. Specializing in French drains, channel systems, and custom drainage design, we protect your property from water damage while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Serving Queen Creek, Chandler, Gilbert, and Mesa, we’re your safeguard against the elements, ensuring every drop flows right. Contact us for a consultation and take the first step towards a perfectly drained outdoor oasis.”

Drainage Solutions:


An HOA can save money by working with a professional landscaping company. Landscaping companies have the expertise and equipment necessary to keep common areas and amenities looking their best, without the HOA having to spend a lot of money. This means less maintenance costs and fewer repair bills.

Landscaping companies also have a better understanding of the local climate, meaning they can provide recommendations for plants and materials that will thrive in the area and not need to be replaced frequently. Additionally, a landscaping company can help an HOA with seasonal projects such as tree trimming, mulching, and pruning. This not only helps to keep common areas looking great, but it also prevents larger, more costly problems from developing in the future. Overall, partnering with a landscaping company is a smart choice for any HOA looking to save money and improve the look of their community.

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